BOYLOVE.BOYLOVE.BOYLOVE.BOYLOVE.BOYLOVE. Read from LEFT to RIGHT (western) ++NEWSUMMARY: LIMAcomplex is about an seemingly devoid of emotion assassin(Clay) who is having trouble with his energetic, caring and bubbly target(Dog) after having to SAVE him instead of kill him. Will Clay be able to kill a boy who has never done a bad thing in his life? ++BEFORE you start reading: +I'm messy, not clean +I update whenever, more frequently then never +PLEASE don't expect something cliche and quick, my characters arent going to fall in love moments after meeting eachother. I find that stupid. I hope you have fun reaading <3
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Name|| Clay
Age|| Nineteen
Occupation|| ASSASSIN
Eye Colour|| Grey
Hair Colour|| Black
Character|| Clay questions alot of what he does, but never actually stops.
He can be charming and nice, though only around his victims- seeing as they only
enter his life for an extremly short time.
Usually, however, he's one hell of a heartless prick.

Name|| "Dog", or so he's called.
Age|| Sixteen
Occupation|| Student
Eye Colour|| Bright Green
Hair Colour|| Blonde-brown
Character|| Dog is a very nice and obedient person. He rolls over for anyone-
practically a living doormatt, and can't seem to distinguish between GOOD and BAD.
Will do anything anyone says, and hopelessly tries to help out to the
most of his ability.

Name|| Salem
Age|| Twenty-SOMETHING
Occupation|| Assassin
Eye Colour|| Hazel
Hair Colour|| White
Character|| Salem is, as Clay constantly reminds him, stupid, incompetent and
Salem has been very spoilt & pampered as a child, and as a result.. likes himself..
Apart from that, He's very loving, affectionate and happy. AND immature.
Which makes one question, Why does he work in the "business"?

Name|| Faye
Age|| Sixteen
Occupation|| Student/Dogs-new-friend
Eye Colour|| Brown
Hair Colour|| Blonde left side, Brown right side.
Character|| Faye is a quiet person who spends her days doing homework and
PASSIONATLY admiring plants and flowers.
She's actually usually found idling in parks.
She studders alot and is not very assertive or risk-taking. When she's excited or mad,
it comes out in a weird mix of angry and scary. DOOOOOOOOM.